Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Pissed Off

Well all in all its been a good day, been for a picnic with my boys and were suppose 2 go 2 c Thomas's godfather 2nite but yet again he forgot, starting to get pissed off now we were supose 2 go round wed n he forgot then fri and he said his mam was bad and now 2day he hasnt even had the desency to text me back! Its not right, especially cos were sat here like lemons waiting for him to let us know and then I have to rush to do somthing for Thomas's tea!!

He will know about it when I c him, he will have been out to the club! Right moan over with now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Xmas cards

Well I have got a bit of quiet time while both boys r out so I fort I'd put my cards up I made yesterday! I managed to get 6 done! There all quite plain and simple but thats what we need if we're gona sell them on a stall!!!



Just taken my car in for its service and MOT, gutted theyve rang me and its gona b a minimum of £240!!!!!!!!!!!
But my sis in law is coming to take Thomas out for a few hours so I can get some me time...which as usual will be spent tidying up, cleaning and ironing!!! Its gona be a long day 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

1st xmas cards of the year

Thought that it was about time I started my chrimbo cards, so I sat today and Ive made 2! I am gona try and make a few more before the day is finished. Will be scanning them and they will be up later on hope u like them!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Just though Id put a pic on of my 2 boys My hubby Ian and my gorgeous son Thomas!!
Hi all
Well this is my 1st go at a blog and Im not too sure what im doing but Im sure I will get there!

I have just finished a long day at work 9.30-9.30 ahhhh nightmare...was up at 6.30 with my son aswel. Am looking forward to a well earned rest 2morra but duno what were gona be doing yet!

I will get round to putting some of my cards on here in the next few days hopefully so keep an eye open!