Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hi all
Well this is my 1st go at a blog and Im not too sure what im doing but Im sure I will get there!

I have just finished a long day at work 9.30-9.30 ahhhh nightmare...was up at 6.30 with my son aswel. Am looking forward to a well earned rest 2morra but duno what were gona be doing yet!

I will get round to putting some of my cards on here in the next few days hopefully so keep an eye open!



  1. Hi Sarah,
    Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm sure you're going to really enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects posted.
    Julie x

  2. HI sweetie its cheryl from over at trimmie just want to say what a lovely little boy you have. He is adorable looking forward to seeing some of your fab creations on here and more of your lovely family.
    Lots love cheryl xxx